Gift for kids: Fijit Friends

Fijit Friends are a girl’s interactive best friend! These funny dancing robot dolls will make you laugh and rock out to your favorite tunes. Chat with them, poke ’em, squeeze ’em, or turn ’em into dancing machines!


Each Fijit Friend has a unique personality.

Fijit Friends Willa

Willa, the trend-setting Fijit Friend – Willa is always a step ahead of the latest and greatest, whether it’s fashion or whatever’s new and cool. She’s confident, stylish, and a natural leader.


Fijit Friends Serafina

Serafina, the sweetie-pie Fijit Friend – Serafina has the biggest heart and only wants to make you happy. She likes all things girly, and when she plays games, she wants everyone to win.


Fijit Friends Logan

Logan, the sporty Fijit Friend – Logan is just as happy showing off her latest hi-tech gadget as she is playing outdoors. This super-loyal pal adores animals and will always cheer you on.


Fijit Friends Sage

Sage, the adventurous Fijit Friend – Sage answers every challenge with a “let’s go!” attitude. Up for anything, she likes exploring and discovering new things. Like all Fijit Friends, Sage was created when a gooey science experiment was brought to life by the power of music. She loves to laugh until her sides hurt, dance until she’s dizzy, and be herself with her one true bestie.


Fijit Friends Product Specifications

Height: Approximately 8.6 inches
Weight: 1.6 pounds
Package Size: 10.5 inches left/right by 9.74 inches top/bottom by 4.875 inches front/rear
Word recognition: Fijit Friends™ can identify approximately 30 phrases
Internal Speaker and Memory: Over 5 minutes of music, speech, and SFX
Beat Detection
• Recognizes and dances to external music
• Identifies music beat and adjusts dance timing
Animation: Elastic skin and soft body create unique, organic animation
Unique glowing face display: Bright, multi-color face display
Sonic Chirp modes: Fijit Friends™ can detect codes coming from an external sound source, which will trigger a response. This code could be added to webisodes, commercials, TV shows, DVDs and more.
Batteries: 5 AA “Try-Me” batteries included


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