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Hope you’ve gotten all of your shopping done this year! If you’re still shopping, online may not be your best choice unless you’re buying a gift certificate for instant delivery. Be sure to bookmark & come back to this site throughout the year for year-round gift ideas!

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Top 10 Toy Gift Ideas of 2008

1. Bakugan Battle Pack – one of the hottest games of the season, Bakugan fever is spreading like wildfire.  The game, based on the popular anime, will provide Bakugan fans with spring-loaded marble fun!  If you want your kids to have the best Bakugan experience, then also get the Bakugan Starter Pack and Bakugan Battle Arena.

2. Wild Planet Hyper Dash – a fast-paced award winning electronic tag game.  This game encourages kids to be active and think on their feet and is an excellent gift idea for this Christmas.

3. Scene It Seinfeld Edition – this fun party game includes trivia covering all nine seasons of Seinfeld.  A must have gift for any Seinfeld fan on your holiday list.

4. Elmo Live – everyone’s favorite red Sesame Street Character.  The latest Elmo can talk, sing, tell jokes and do so much more!  A great gift for anybody who loves Elmo!

5. Blokkus Classic – a strategy board game that promotes healthy brain activity.  Blokkus is an award winning game that’s perfect for the whole family and makes a great gift.

6. Crayola Color Explosion Glow Board – let your kids’ creative juices flow with the gift of the Color Explosion Glow Board by Crayola.  This reusable drawing surface will let your kids’ creations glow with the touch of a button!

7. EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles – if your kids love playing spy games, give them the ultimate spy gift with the Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles by EyeClops.

8. Fisher Price Smart Cycle – a nice gift that helps kids be active while learning and having fun.  Exercises both your child’s mind and body!

9. Lego Castle: King’s Castle Siege – Kids love Legos and the Castle collection is a huge hit! King’s Castle Siege is a must have set for builders. With over 950 pieces, this set will provide hours of building fun.

10. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster – A must have Christmas gift for kids who love Nerf guns.  Be sure to pick up a refill pack or two for quick ammo changes.

Honorable mention: Giddyup N’ Go Pony – If your child has always asked you for a pony for Christmas, then now you’ll be able to give them one with the Giddyup N’ Go Pony by Little Tykes.  Your child will actually be able to ride it around.  All the fun of having a pony without all of the messy cleanup and expense of owning a real one!

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Hot Christmas Toys of the Moment

Unlike the list above, the widget below is updated automatically with the current hot toys that people want right now!

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Top 10 Video Game Gift Ideas of 2008

Video games are always a fun gift to give and even a more enjoyable experience when you give the right game.  Here are some of the hottest items in video games for the 2008 holiday season:

1. Wii Fit – Nintendo’s breakthrough balance board technology that allows you to have fun while getting a good workout.  It is currently one of Nintendo’s best selling games and is a definite must-have this Christmas.

2. Nintendo Wii – Released in 2006 and still very hard to find two years later.  The Wii by Nintendo is one of the hottest and most sought after video game consoles and it’s no different this holiday season.  This is sure to sell out quickly.

3. Wii Music – Get your kids enthused about music with Wii Music.  This is the perfect music game for the younger folks out there – less of a learning curve than other music games and easy to pick up and play.  Contains over 60 songs!

4. Mario Kart with Wii Wheel – Nintendo is dominating the video games charts this Christmas season.  While Mario Kart has been around for a while, this game still makes a great gift.  Don’t forget to pick up some extra Wii Wheel accessories for some fun multiplayer action.

5. Fallout 3 – The third installment in the popular Fallout series.  Lifelike AI, great HD graphics, and more await you in this amazing action RPG.

6. Fable II – Fable 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the original Fable game for Xbox.  Set 500 years after the original, Fable 2 for the Xbox 360 offers an epic storyline, innovative gameplay, freedom of choice – but beware, every choice has its consequences!  This game offers truly unique experiences for all players.

7. Gears of War 2 – Gears of War 2 won many awards at E3 2008, including Best Action Game, Best Overall Shooting Game, Best Graphics Technology.  This game is sure to impress.  Play on Xbox LIVE in both competitive and cooperative modes.

8. LittleBigPlanet – LittleBigPlanet by Media Molecule is the must have game of the season for PlayStation 3 (PS3) owners.  The creative possibilities of in this game are endless.  Design the levels you want to play and share them for the world to enjoy.  Play user created levels online with other SackBoys.  Little Big Planet will be the game you’ll be coming back to time and time again, and it’s only available on the PS3.  Your kids will absolutely love you if you give them this game for Christmas.

9. PlayStation 3 80GB – With the amazing Blu-Ray technology, the PS3 delivers stunningly beautiful graphics.  Sony’s PS3 also includes built in wifi and 80 gigabytes of storage space.  The PS3 will give you the best hi-def viewing experience and will also let you play the latest PlayStation 3 hits such as LittleBigPlanet.

10. Dead Space – This game, brought to you by Electronic Arts, is designed by developers who are absolute fans of the horror genre.  So in terms of survival horror games, this one takes the cake as one of the most frightening games ever made.  Dead Space is sure to scare the pants off of any and all horror lovers out there.

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Hot Video Games of the Moment

The list below is generated automatically and will always show what video games people want right now!

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Hot Technology (Tech) Gift Ideas of 2008

Amazon Kindle – Amazon’s Kindle Wireless Reading Device is a revolutionary new way to read.  Its electronic paper display technology looks like real paper, so is easier on the eyes than a backlit screen.  It is always connected to the Kindle store, so there’s quick and easy access to all of the latest new book releases.  Even endorsed by Oprah Winfrey as her current favorite gadget.  Kindle is definitely a hot gift to give.

Pulse Smartpen by Livescribe – This is a must have gift for students and business men and women. It’s more than just a pen and audio recorder. This smartpen links what was said with what was being written at the time, so written notes will always be in sync with audio.

Flip Mino HD – Flip Video brought easy digital video recording to the masses.  With the Mino HD, there’s still that same ease of use, but now in high definition!  A great gift for anyone needing a camcorder that records amazing quality video and is very user-friendly.

iPod Touch 2nd Generation – the newest in Apple’s iPod Touch lineup. The 2nd Generation of the iPod Touch now includes access to the Apple App Store so you can add a ton of great games and applications to an already amazing little device. It’s so much more than an MP3 player and makes a nice gift for any gadget lover on your holiday shopping list.

Acer Aspire One – Netbooks are gaining in popularity for their excellent portability and usefulness.  The Acer Aspire One line of netbooks gives you the most bang for your buck.  Long-lasting battery life with a 6-cell battery, 160 GB hard drive, 1 MB of RAM, a built-in webcam, SD card reader, 802.11g wireless, and one of the better keyboards available on a netbook.  Available in many different colors, including pink, for the ladies.

Garmin Nuvi 350 – Garmin is one of the leading makers of GPS units and the Nuvi 350 is a very hot gift to give.  The Nuvi 350 interface is very easy to understand and use.  It has a very extensive database of locations and more maps can easily be downloaded.  With the Nuvi 350, you’ll never get lost again!

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Current Hot Tech Gifts

Here are the current hot selling electronics:

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