Generic gift idea: bluetooth headsets

Just about everyone owns a cell phone these days. And some people use their phones non-stop. Why not give them the gift of being hands free? A bluetooth headset will allow your gift recipient to talk all they want while leaving their hands free to do other things.

Most new cellular phones these days are bluetooth capable. And in some states it is also illegal to use a cell phone without a headset while driving. So giving a bluetooth headset will help them obey the law (in some states) while also helping them stay safe by keeping both hands on the wheel.

Bluetooth headsets come in many different brands and styles. Some popular brands are Jabra, Motorola, and Plantronics.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 is also compatible with bluetooth headsets, so if you’re shopping for a gamer who loves to play PS3 games online, they may be in need of a headset too.

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