Generic gift idea: flash memory cards

With so many gadgets using flash memory cards these days, it’s a great idea to have plenty of memory cards on hand to give as last minute gifts or to give to people who show up out of the blue.

Memory cards are used by digital cameras, camcorders, netbooks, cell phones, digital picture frames, and even video game systems.

The most common type of card used by devices today is a MicroSDHC card. Most cards come with adapters that can then be put into full sized SD card slots.

Be aware that some older devices may not be SDHC compatible. If you want to be on the safe side and make sure that the gift you give will work with anyone’s device, go with a normal non-SDHC MicroSD card instead.

Memory cards are a great cheap gift to give since you can never have enough storage space, especially for people who love to take a ton of pictures.

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