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This page will be updated throughout the year with more of the top gifts of the year. Shop early enough and you can have your holiday shopping done before the holiday even begins.

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Holiday Toy List

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Zhu Zhu Pets

Zhu Zhu Pets Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters are the cutest, cuddliest interactive toy pets with their own set of over 40 different sound effects, squeaks, chirps, etc and are one of this year’s most wanted toys. Zhu Zhu Pets are guaranteed to be a hit for the kids on your holiday shopping list and will sell out fast this holiday season. Visit our Zhu Zhu Pets page to see some recommendations from the Zhu Zhu Pets lineup. Don’t shop at the last minute for this one. These will sell out quickly!

Nintendo DSi

Zhu Zhu PetsReleased on April 5th this year, the latest Nintendo handheld system, the Nintendo DSi, brings new life to handheld gaming.

Available in matte black, matte blue, pink, and white, Nintendo’s DSi features more memory than the DS Lite, bigger screens, a slimmer design, TWO built in digital cameras, an SD card slot, and an enhanced interface with a built-in DSi Shop function, similar to the Wii Shop on the Nintendo Wii. There are plenty of additions built into the DSi operating system itself, such as an audio recorder, audio editor, audio player, photo editor, and features to share audio & pictures with other DSi users.

The Nintendo DSi makes the perfect gift for the gamer who is always on the go.

Amazon’s Kindle 2 Wireless Reader

Kindle 2The long-awaited Kindle 2 Wireless Reading Device is now available from Amazon. The Kindle 2 is slimmer than the previous Kindle, has improved battery life and user interface, and connects via 3G for buying new books from Amazon’s Whispernet system.

The Kindle 2 still offers the amazing paper-like display, making it easier on the eyes than a normal backlit screen, so the experience is much like reading the pages of a normal book.

Kindle 2 is an excellent gift to give to anyone who loves to read a lot of books, with an entire catalog of thousands of books available at their fingertips!

Sunbeam Rocket Grill

Sunbeam Rocket Grill Although an infomercial wasn’t created for it, the Australian vertical grill was well praised by Billy Mays on the Discovery Channel series, Pitchmen. Fans of the show have made comments that this is something that they do want to see come to America! Sunbeam’s Rocket Grill is not the same grill seen on the show, but is very similar and also highly rated by its owners. Purchasers state the Sunbeam Rocket Vertical Grill as being one of the best indoor grills you could buy and recommending it over such products as the widely popular George Foreman Grill.

Ooma Core or Ooma Telo

Ooma TeloOoma is a VoIP service that lets you cut down the cost of your phone bill immensely. The older version of Ooma, the Ooma Core System will allow you to make and receive callls with no additional fees ever, if purchased and activated by December 31, 2009. The new version of Ooma, the Ooma Telo System, has some great improvements, such as enhanced sound quality, but will come at a yearly cost of $11.75. Premier services are available. Depending on which model you buy and when you activate your device, you will either pay $99.99 per year or up to $119.99 per year. Click here for more information about Ooma.

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