Tech Gift Idea: Sony Webbie MHS-PM1 HD Camcorder

Got someone on your shopping list who loves shooting video with their Flip camcorder? Well, the Sony Webbie will be a nice upgrade for them. Unlike the Flip camcorders which have a fixed lens, the Sony Webbie has a swivel lens. This allows the user a lot of flexibility in recording. Not only can they record and see the things that are in front of them (like with the Flip and similar camcorders), but they’ll also be able to record and see themselves on the screen. A huge first for mini camcorders.

For people who love doing “carcasts” (recording themselves in the car), but don’t have any way of mounting their cameras, the Sony Webbie can be laid flat on the dashboard and with its swivel screen, it can be positioned to point in the right direction of the subject being recorded.

The Sony Webbie MHS-PM1 is available in silver, orange, and violet. Features include:

* HD MP4 1440 x 1080 video resolution; 5-megapixel still photos
* Vertical form factor
* Unique swivel lens; 4x digital zoom
* 1.8-inch LCD screen
* 12 MB internal memory; Memory Stick PRO Duo media recording

Play the video below to see it in action:


Sony Webbie MHS-PM1 HD Camcorder

Everything you love about the Webbie HD camera in a unique, vertical form. Same bold colors and capture-everything attitude, this Webbie features a swiveling lens system that puts a fresh spin on self-recording. Record HD MP4 video and 5-megapixel images then easily upload them directly to the web with the MHC-PM1 Webbie HD camera. (click to read more…)

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