Sizzling Hot Gift Idea: Sunbeam 7530 Rocket Grill Electric Grilling Appliance

Sunbeam 7530 Rocket Grill Electric Grilling Appliance

If you’ve watched the TV show Pitchmen on the Discovery Channel, you may have seen an episode where Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan were introduced to a vertical grill that was a huge hit in Australia. The DRTV company, Telebrands, opted not to pitch the grill due to today’s economy.

But there are a ton of people, including myself, who would glady fork over money for such a grill and want it to be produced in America. Well, here’s the answer! The Sunbeam Rocket Grill is a similar concept to the grill seen on Pitchmen, but instead of using a drip tray at the bottom, it uses specialized parchments to collect the fat. Watch the video below for more details.

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Parchment-paper cooking is a time-tested method used by chefs around the world. With this in mind, Sunbeam developed the Rocket Grill electric grilling appliance, which uses special parchment pouches to hold in all the juices and keep food moist and flavorful. Plus, the pouches channel fat and grease away from food to a reservoir at the bottom of the pouch for reduced fat intake. Enjoy grilled steaks, hamburgers, bratwurst, grilled-cheese sandwiches, veggies, fish, chick (more…)

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