Preorder Nintendo 3DS

At Nintendo’s 3DS event yesterday, the release date for the 3DS was announced for North America.

It is now available for preorder at a price of $249.99 and will be available on March 27, 2011. Click below to preorder the system in either cosmo black or aqua blue. Shortages are expected for the first year or two following its release, so if your child shows any interest at all, your best bet in being able to get one as a gift without paying marked up prices from resellers is to preorder while you can:

Preorder Nintendo 3DS

The 3DS features the ability to play 3D games, take 3D pictures, watch 3D videos, all without the need for special glasses. The 3D can be adjusted via a slider allowing you to preserve battery life (which is estimated to be about 3-5 hours) by turning it off completely, should you so desire.

Also, for the first time ever, only ONE friend code will be needed to play online with any game you buy in the future. Once you trade codes with someone, you will never have to swap codes for individual games again.


Preorders via Amazon are not charged a single cent (unless a gift certificate balance is used) until your the item is actually shipped. With Amazon’s preorder price guarantee, if the price decreases any time on or before the release date, you will pay the lowest price. Preorders are limited to 1 per household, per color, so one of each color 3DS may be ordered.

Preorder Nintendo 3DS

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