Gift Idea: Mint Floor Cleaner by Evolution Robotics

The Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner uses popular brands of floor cleaning products such as Swiffer wipes (wet or dry), and automatically cleans your floors. It uses a North Star guidance system to track where it’s been and systematically cleans areas where it hasn’t been yet. The battery lasts three hours on a single charge. Unlike the iRobot Roomba, however, it does not have a charging dock, so it’s slightly inconvenient when it comes to having to recharge its battery because you’ll need to manually plug it in. This is not meant to be a vacuum, it’s used for sweeping/mopping hard floors. Watch the video below for an overview:


The Mint Floor Cleaner would make a unique gift for owners of hard floors who hate to clean. Click here for more details and reviews of the Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200

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