Gift idea for music lovers: MP3s

Gift MP3s

Shopping for a music lover? Maybe running out of time to do so? MP3s are a quick, easy, and instant gift to give. You can choose exactly which song you’d like to give. Don’t worry about choosing a title that your recipient may already have because they can choose to exchange their MP3 gift for a gift card, so MP3 gifting is completely risk-free.

How to gift an MP3:

  • Search for the song or album you want to give. All songs and albums sold by Amazon MP3 can be given as gifts.
  • When you reach the detail page, click Give Song or Album as a Gift. You’ll be asked to sign in and we’ll ask you to personalize the gift by adding a special message.
  • Once you’ve completed these steps, your gift recipient will be sent an email letting them know they have a gift waiting for them.

Click here to browse Amazon’s selection of MP3s to get started.

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