Don’t forget the batteries!

If you’re giving anything battery operated as a gift, always make sure to read the description carefully to see if it comes with its own set of batteries or not. Some electronics, such as digital cameras, camcorders, RC cars, etc. come with their own set of proprietary batteries and will not take standard battery sizes. But for most things, standard sizes of batteries are sufficient.

The most common size of batteries used in most toys is AA, but some bigger toys may use C batteries or D batteries. Be sure to know what size battery you need for the gift you are giving.

It’s highly recommended to buy rechargeable NiMH batteries, not only will these last you much longer and are reusable, but they are also better for the environment since you will not be disposing of them as often as regular alkaline batteries.

La Crosse BC-900 Charger KitA recommended NiMH charger kit to start with is the La Crosse Technology BC-900 Alpha Battery Charger. This charger has gotten rave reviews from buyers. Not only does it come with both 4 AA and 4 AAA batteries for you to start with, but it also comes with 4 C and 4 D battery size adapters so that you can use the AAs in things that use either C or D batteries. It’s an amazing bargain for the price and makes a great supplemental gift to give if you’re giving a battery operated gift.

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