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Scribblenauts is a unique single player side-scrolling action game for the Nintendo DS that challenges players to solve spatially oriented puzzles like no game before it. In it players use an in-game notepad/keyboard, as well as the touch screen and stylus of the Nintendo DS, to conjure up solutions to the obstacles placed in the path of the game’s hero. Solutions are manifested in the form of literally thousands of items–many very unexpected–that are called up and tak (read more…)

Scribblenauts, the highly anticipated game by Level 5 is now available for the Nintendo DS. It’s a puzzle game that lets you solve each situation by summoning items, creatures, elements, etc by either writing (one letter at a time) or using the built in touch screen keyboard. In my opinion, using the keyboard for this game works much faster.

The game has over 22,000 words built into it, so there are a plethora of ways that a level can be solved.

Is it worth giving as a gift or will it just frustrate your kids?

If your kids can’t spell correctly, that’s not much of a problem because the game will come up with suggestions of things that you possibly meant to type in.

This game appears to be getting rave reviews from players that own it due to its original concept and allowing people to use their creativity and summon just about anything when solving puzzles.

However, there are parts of the game which can make gameplay quite frustrating. A huge part is controlling the main character, Maxwell. Sometimes there will be moments when you are trying to place items on the screen and Maxwell will accidentally try to move to area where you’re currently fiddling with items. If there happen to be enemies in the level, this sometimes will cause Maxwell to lose his life. Maxwell also often spazzes out when he gets caught between objects and it can be quite annoying having to move him around.

Another thing that can cause some frustration when playing is that sometimes you may be thinking of a certain word, but the game’s definition of it could be completely different that what you wanted to spawn. No worries there though, since there are a lot of other possibilities for solving a level.

Overall, the game definitely encourages creative thinking and can even be a lot of fun just messing around in the title screen as a sandbox mode. But the controls really bring the game down a notch, so I would have to rate it a 7.5 out of 10 overall.

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