Tips for buying gifts for other people’s kids

It’s really easy to shop for your own kids because you’ll know them well enough to know what their favorite cartoons are and what’s popular with them in general. And, most of the time, they’ll flat out tell you exactly what they want as a gift. And if they’re related to you, such as your nieces, nephews, or grandkids, they’ll usually tell you too.

But what about other people’s kids? Such as a friend that you see every once in a while who has a child that’s a particular age. What would you get for them then? You don’t know what they already own, so it’s likely that you could end up getting them exactly the same thing.

Here are some tips:

  • Ask their parents what they already have that they’re really into.
  • Instead of getting an older toy that almost every kid will already have, look into things that have newly been released. Chances are, if it’s really new, they likely don’t have it yet.
  • Pay attention to commercials that target the age range of the child you’re shopping for.
  • Give them a gift certificate to Toys R Us or similar toy store. Kids love to be able to pick out exactly what they want.
  • Halloween is coming up in just a few days. Pay particular attention to the most common costumes you see kids wearing. If you’re not sure what the costume is supposed to be when you hand them their candy, ask them and they’ll be happy to tell you. That should give you ideas for what’s popular with kids of different age groups. And if there’s a Halloween costume for it, there definitely must be toys that are also made for whatever character they’re dressed up as!
  • Go to your local toy store or toy department of a store and ask the employees what has been selling well. Some may not know, but it’s highly likely that they’ll know.

Those are just a few ideas to help get you started on your quest to find a great gift for your friend’s kids. Hopefully that has sparked your imagination a bit to help you in coming up with even more ideas.

Happy shopping!

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