Gift ideas for travelers

Aside from the obvious possibility of buying them expensive luggage, there are other necessities that travelers may need.

  • Travel bottles – If they plan on carrying liquids in their carry-on bags, they’ll need some <100 ml bottles. These can be found as cheap as $1 from your local dollar store.
  • Cable organization system, such as a Grid It. If they travel with a lot of tech, no doubt they have a bunch of power cords and charging accessories. Something like the Grid-It can be customized completely and can be used to hold many different things, not just limited to cables.
  • Packing cubes or packing folders. For people who normally travel without packing cubes, it’s hard to wrap your head around the concept that smaller bags within your larger bag will help you save space. Packing cubes can be a great way of compartmentalizing a non structured bag and can help in making luggage more organized by having a cube for different purposes. You can put whole outfits in one, or use each individual cube to hold different items like shirts in one, pants in another, underwear in another, etc. And if TSA ever has to search through someone’s bag, if they had packing cubes, their underwear wouldn’t be on display for the rest of the people going through screening. It’s also easy to just pull out one cube and use it as a personal item in case the luggage ends up being over weight restrictions.
  • Luggage identifiers can come in handy for travelers who frequently have to check a bag. These can be anything from using something like washi tape that comes in a unique pattern, or buying a colorful compression strap (this not only helps to compress the luggage, but also makes it easy for identifying at baggage claim), or tying on a colorful scarf or bandana. Anything that helps make the luggage stand out from the sea of similar looking bags will definitely save them time at the airport!
  • Portable luggage scale. They might not have access to a scale at their destination, so a portable luggage scale would be handy to have if they plan on picking up any souvenirs and want to make sure their bags stay under the weight limits.

If the traveler you’re shopping for already has all of these things, it’s still nice for them to have multiple options because they may not always bring the same bag when traveling. It’s also great to have multiple sizes of packing cubes, depending on what needs to be packed and the size of the bag being used.

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