Gift Idea: Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter

Taking remote controlled toys to the next level, the Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter is the first quadricopter to be controlled by an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. For those without any of those devices, there are other ways to control it, such as using a Linux PC, a controller/joystick, and the freely available AR.Drone Navigation software as seen in the video below:


The Parrot AR Drone has a front facing camera and also one on the bottom of it, so you can see a live video feed of exactly where it’s going right on your screen.

It also has it’s own built-in Wi-Fi network so you can connect with other Drone owners to play multiplayer games, such as AR Pursuit, which allows Drone users to battle with each other.

Check out the video review below from Mashable:


The AR Drone is available at retailers such as Amazon, Toys R Us, The Apple Store, and Brookstone.


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