Digital camera & camcorder accessories

If you’re giving a digital camera or camcorder as a gift, here are some essential accessories to help your recipient get the most use out of their new camera.

memory cards, blank tapes, or DVDs – almost all digital cameras come with small memory cards to start you out with, but for taking high resolution shots, a bigger memory card will come in handy. It’s recommended to get at least a 2 GB card. For camcorders, if it doesn’t have a built-in hard drive and uses mini DV tapes, then be sure to pick up a couple tapes for them to use. Always make sure to check the specs of the camera or camcorder you’re buying so you know which type of media to buy for it.

extra batteries– some cameras use standard AA batteries, while others come with proprietary batteries. Either way, having extra batteries will ensure that every moment can be captured. Again, read the specs of the camera or camcorder you’re giving as a gift to see what battery size or model number it uses.

camera bags/cases – cases make it easy to take the camera & all accessories with you and protect your investment at the same time. They come in a variety of sizes and some offer adjustable compartments. Shop around to find a case that will fit the camera & accessories perfectly.

tripod – tripods are a must for stabilized shots, especially for shooting videos. It doesn’t have to be an expensive tripod. Cheap ones will do the job just fine. There are even flexible tripods which can stand up like a normal tripod or be wrapped around an object.

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